Company Name: Appollo Ispat Complex Ltd

Company Website: www.appollo

Subscription Start Date: 6th October 20132

Subscription End Date: 10Th October 2013

Subscription Time for NRB:  Till 19th October 2013

Public Issues: 10,0000,000    - ordinary shares

Per Share Price: 22.00 T%k (Including 12Taka premium. Face Value Tk. 10)

Total collect Taka :  2200,000,000/- Taka.


Peruse of  Appolo Ispat Ltd IPO.

According to Prospectus:  Appolo Ispat company will  install Associate in Nursing setting friendly German technology-based non-oxidising chamber unit for producing unleaded  sheet metal sheet. The new project is anticipated to return into business production in mid-2014.


IPO of Appolo Ispat Ltd

Budget for IPO money:

220 crore Taka :- Will  used to repay bank loans.

60 Crore Taka: For project development

Other:  To bear IPO expenses.

Download prospectus of Appolo ispat ltd From Here


Appollo Ispat Complex Ltd. IPO Lottery Result